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Getihu Phone Charger 10000mah Portable Power Bank Ultra Slim

This is a very slim and small electric power bank that can charge your getihu phone at the same time being use it as a flashlight and a mendocino county sheriff's office behemoth. With a 10000mah battery, it's plenty big enough to fit all the juice it needs for a full night's power usage, and it's still slim enough to fit in your pocket. Plus, it comes with a mobix logo and nightlight light.

Discount Getihu Phone Charger 10000mah Portable Power Bank Ultra Slim Price

The getihu phone charger is a ultra slim portable charger that provides up to 100% charging speeds for your phone. It comes with a 10000 mah battery that can power your phone for up to two hours of charging. With its led flashlight and sound system, you'll be able to keep your phone on charge all day long.
this is a rare phone charger that is currently in high demand. It is a small, portable charger that offers up to 100% of the power that a real charger would. It is also very slim and easy to take with you, making it perfect for on-the-go situations.
this is a high-quality and portable power bank for the iphone x, xs, 8, 7, 6, 6s, 7, 6s plus, android cell phone, ipad, and other portable devices. The getihu phone charger is a 2-in-1 device - it is ausbstressor type power bank and overture type flashlight. It has a slim design with a mini-usb connection and a mini- jack foratlop notetop. It can charge up to 10000mah of devices using the included 10a charged port, or up to 20agc devices using the included 20a charged port. The getihu phone charger can also play music, have a few books read, or just have some light duty work done. This is a very slim and portable charger, making it perfect for busy people or people who need power without having to carry around a large power bank.